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Best Mechanical Keyboard Under $50 [Review] in 2021

Last Updated on March 22, 2021 | Written by Daniel Peters

Want to make your gaming dreams come true, but not sure where to find gaming keyboards under 50?

Worry no more! We have all that you need to about all the mechanical keyboards under 50. We have answered everything and compiled a list featuring nothing but the best mechanical keyboards.

We understand it might be overwhelming to find a mechanical keyboard with a wide range of manufacturers producing budget mechanical keyboards. Yet, which one ticks all the right boxes for you? You will know after our guide.

And if you are still wondering about the best part of purchasing a mechanical keyboard? Sit back and, here is the real deal.

We analyzed how mechanical keyboards are especially popular among gamers, programmers, or anyone doing something technical, so the recurring demands were the basis of our analysis. Not to worry we analyzed over more than 50 mechanical keyboards under 50 to shortlist the best.

If you are as bold as us and want something colorful with RGB lights, then check out the top product on the list. It is an incredible pick due to its versatility.

A quick tip to make your mechanical keyboard shopping easier. The construction and the weight of the gaming keyboard help in gaming better.

Let’s just dive right into our top picks, and you will soon realize why our top pick stands out from the rest!

Roundup of Mechanical Keyboards for Gaming Experience


Redragon K552 Mechanical Gaming Keyboard

Redragon is known to produce the best gaming keyboards that too under budget like the Redragon K552 gaming keyboard.

For starters, it has 87 keys which makes it tenkeyless compact with dust-proof mechanical switches. There is minimum resistance while clicking the linear and Cherry MX switches.

Another feature any gamer would love to have is the rainbow LED RGB backlight, which makes gaming in the dark much easier. It has 19 different lighting effects depending on the mood that can be changed to 6 modes with a great variety of brightness.

What more does the breathtaking construction of the Redragon K552 mechanical keyboard have in store for us?

The ergonomic metal abs construction support the mechanical keys and switches mounted on the mechanical gaming keyboard is super durable and of top-notch quality. It makes any gaming marathon super interesting and fun.

Well, this is not it. But the non-slip ergonomic, waterproof keyboard design has a conflict-free n-key rollover feature that makes it one of the best mechanical keyboards. Music to any gamer’s ears!

Moreover, this is not just a sleek design that looks good in pictures but just knows how to tickle any gamer’s fancy with wide compatibility with different gaming PCs.


Havit Mechanical Keyboard

The beautiful color scheme is not only what caught our eye, but instead, there are tons more that you need to read to get a scoop.

Anyone looking for a mechanical keyboard perfect for office and gaming purposes would be more than happy with the 89 key design of the Havit keyboard.

It saves space with the addition of number keys on the right side. And a neat trick to turn on the number lock by pressing Fn+backspace, which can be confirmed with the number pad light switched on.

But wait, let us tell you something that will make you fall in love with the RGB lighting keyboard.

PBT keycaps are in the coolest color contrast while being highly durable and resistant to wearing, which shows you can play furiously on your Havit keyboard.

Now, gaming skills have improved with red switches on your gaming mechanical keyboard, as it does not make a lot of noise while playing. Wondering what’s the point? Well, you can play anywhere no matter what.

A must-have with an ergonomic design. No more days of wrist pains after a gaming marathon with your friends online!


FIODIO Mechanical Gaming Keyboard

Want wrist rest or just in a dire need of mechanical switches?

We got you covered with yet another amazing design by FIODIO that has been blessed with the best keys for first-person shooter games. The fast black switches make it easy to play with smooth and consistent keystrokes.

So, if you are into gaming without hurting your wrists and wrist rest is something you are a strong believer in the anti-ghosting design makes it worth every penny!

How does this improve your overall gaming experience?

The full 104 keys for the ultimate gaming venture with an anti-ghosting design are not usually available in mechanical keyboards under 50. Thus, you would not want to miss out on the accuracy while you give commands in games. There will be no confusion with your key anti-ghosting.

The splash-proof backlit design has 3 DIY modes while 19 existing fantastic breathtaking light modes for an immersive gaming experience. The brightness and speed of the lights can be adjusted to your liking, which showcases the macro keys no matter what.

Do not take our word over the build quality and durability of ergonomic design with metal and ABS construction.


Gamenote 60% Mechanical Keyboard

Why not invest in a budget mechanical keyboard not with brown switches, but a sleek black look and RGB lights?

So, if you too like yourself something simple, the Type-C 71 keyboard by Gamenote with blue switches might just do the job. It is the perfect size to maneuver your mouse on the desktop without much interference due to the big mechanical keyboard taking up a lot of room.

Moreover, the benefit of purchasing your rainbow backlit keyboard is the ability to convert it into a portable design, so you can take it wherever you move. And if you too were confused between brown switches and blue switches, the compact design might win you over to team blue.

Wondering what the benefit of owning blue switches on your splash-proof design?

For starters, the all-metal panels along with the floating key design help in gaming. The sensitivity and response time are increased exponentially with TKL with anti-ghosting and n-key.

Unlike the 104 key with switches, it does not take up a lot of space. And another bonus of Gamenote’s resistant design is the stable performance and top-notch durability.

What more could one want? It is compatible with a lot of gaming PCs while falling in the best budget keyboards with complete functionality. Wait no more!


CJXSP PBT 61 Keycaps 60 Percent

Be it mac os, windows, Linus, and other systems CJXSP PBT is highly compatible with them all.

This 60% design has made our cut over the other 104 key best budget keyboards with multimedia keys because of the cherry MX blue profile. Moreover, the purple, blue and pink vibe adds to the overall aesthetic of your OEM profile.

Not all best budget keyboards have rubber dome features. DJIK too does not fall in the category, as it has Cherry MX switches with RGB lights to make your gaming affair fun.

Still, want to know more?

Don’t worry, we have all the insight regarding the PBT ducky with 61 keys. The design has a double-shot injection backlit, which makes the writing not fade even after years.

Thus, the design is not only durable and sturdy, but it will be your constant gaming companion due to the mechanical percussion sense.

You do not want to miss out on dedicated media with led backlit to make your gaming affair eccentric and one of a kind every time you plug in your keyboard.


DREVO Gramr 84 Key 75% TKL

Want something sleek and simplistic?

The white-washed Drevo Gramr design is a unique addition to our guide due to the looks and functionality, such as the 84 key design that beats the 104 key resistant designs because of the compactness.

Yes, the ABS construction with double-shot keycaps along with switches makes the Drevo mechanical keyboard your gaming companion for many years to come.

Wondering what the purpose of the n-key rollover is?

Well, for all the newbie gamers trying to improve their skill set with a resistant design and led backlit in their mechanical keyboard, we will inform you about the actual importance. The accuracy and agility are increased with the rollover game mode.

Any pro-gamer would kill to have 12 function keyboard with multimedia keys and various backlighting settings to make your gaming on the white-washed series super dope.

A solid design with 3 back channel to solve your placement issue is any gamers dream come true. Welcome the detachable USB type C keyboard with open arms!


Wired Metal Gaming Keyboard

Another 104 key gaming ergonomic keyboard, but why does it stand out from the rest?

The RGB backlit mechanical keys are super durable with a switch membrane technology. Not only does the durable 1.2 mm metal panel make your gaming performance better, but it enhances the experience and stimulation of the game.

A keyboard comes with many features to complement your gaming style with high-quality ABS injection molding on a budget.

How is a spill-resistant keyboard mouse combo the best for you?

A keyboard and mouse is something that any gamer wanting to go on a professional level knows the importance of, as it’s their arsenal to win any challenge. So, the shatterproof, anti-rust, and splash-proof colorful RGB membrane keyboards will make your gaming sessions super fun!

The USB cable makes it easy to plug in and play with your PC, such as Linux OS, Raspberry Pi, Windows, Andriod, etc. This requires no need to download any extra software to use your budget-friendly keyboard.

The wait for the ultimate 19 anti-ghosting function keys gives an entry-level gamer the perfect platform to build on their gaming skills.


RedThunder K900 Gaming Keyboard

RedThunder K900 is not your other 87 key mechanical keyboard, but the semi-mechanical keyboard cannot go wrong for a beginner. Wondering why?

First and foremost, the mechanical switches combined with membrane keyboard gives it an edge in the department of durability, structure, and longevity of the design.

Moreover, the transparent multi-key lights help in transmitting the multicolored flickering lighting modes better than ever. And this is not it, you can customize your RGB backlit.

But wait, let us tell you something regarding the best RGB lighting at such a low price.

Switch between different modes for the best experience, as it can be changed independently between 7 colors while a 42 color combination is divided among 6 custom areas of your full lighting keyboard.

Moreover, the reason why RedThunder is among the top picks of any individual is how going back from the mechanical keyboard is quite hard. But a semi-mechanical keyboard falls between the two, so you can appreciate the fluidity of your 104 key.

Therefore, before your purchase, do your research just like a wise pro-gamer would do. No need to rush your decision, when you can rush to winning in the game with your impeccable skills.

So, we'll let you into a secret on what makes a great mechanical keyword

After going over the best mechanical keyboards, we set out criteria for inclusion in our list. Great gaming does not necessarily come from an expensive mechanical switch, but your low price redragon keyboard does the job. Polish your skill set with the best RGB. The budget option for an inclusive gaming marathon would include the following features:

Lifespan: Mechanical keyboards tend to have a longer lifespan in comparison to other keyboards, so you can play games and work for years to come without worrying about changing your keyboard.

Comfort: The best gaming keyboards tend to not hurt your fingers while you go on gaming sprees, as the keys are easy to press. Moreover, they do not require a lot of force to press, so you can save on the energy for strategic planning to get to the top.

Stability: Want something budget-friendly, yet makes your gaming much more fun? Well, budget mechanical keyboards are heavier, so they are less likely to move and provide a much more stable platform to play, and not worry about constantly setting your position.

Response time: The response time is increased with our selection of the best mechanical keyboards under 50 due to key arrangement. The n-key rollover is quite common in mechanical keyboards, as it helps in registering more key presses.

Design: A mechanical keyboard is not complete without red and blue switches or your favorite RGB lights. There are different modes and settings to pick from according to your mode. The keys are not necessarily to be similar to a regular keyboard, as it can be around 87 keys with mechanical switches.

Gaming compuiter set up with mechanical keyboard

Frequently asked Questions

Why RGB backlighting is a hot selling point for a mechanical keyboard under 50?

Well, a mechanical keyboard is famous for its convenience and design, but the RGB backlighting is something that adds to the over gaming fever. The keyboard has different lights, modes, and brightness settings to keep your gaming ventures loaded with funs and flashing lights for extra effects.

Is a mechanical keyboard really worth it?

A mechanical keyboard is perfect for anyone on a budget because they have a longer lifespan. They are also better in terms of typing and gaming, as speed is enhanced due to less requirement of force.

How much should you spend on a mechanical keyboard?

Something as less as $50 can do the job. Our guide has the best mechanical keyboards under 50, which has all the features that are present in the expensive keyboards, such red switches, blue switches, RGB backlighting, etc.

Things To Consider When Buying A Keyboard Under $50

The stability of the design along with improved response time due to your RGB mechanical keyboard. It should not take a longer time to clean.

And another thing that your keyboard should be compatible with a range of PC setups. Gaming is a hectic sport that any beginner aiming to reach pro level soon would know and wrist rest is quite common among gamers playing on regular keyboards than mechanical ones.

So, why not eliminate the wrist rest and just invest in one of the best budget mechanical keyboards with outemu blue switches.

How We Ranked the Mechanical Keyboards

After analyzing the height, weight, typing speed, compatibility, price, and much more in regards to the functionality of the keyboards under 50, they earned a spot in our list.

Be it brown switches or pink switches, something about the colors tends to attract us to the overall design after comparing the functionality of build quality of all the mechanical keyboards.

Also, not every keyboard has media keys, so you will be lucky to find them at a low price.

Can You Really Find a Quality Mechanical Keyboard That's Under $50?

Yes, believe it or not, you can actually find a sturdy top-notch mechanical gaming keyboard just in your budget.

It might be that easy, but with the right research and knowing what you need, you will land on a jackpot that is under $50.

Be it macro keys or switches to match your overall PC setup. It can be something crucial like build quality, so the best mechanical keyboard is your constant in the future.

How Fun they Are to Use?

Any gamer is a proud owner of a gaming keyboard with flashing RGB lighting and smooth and easy-to-use keys with an n-key rollover.

Life is much more fun with the classic QWERTY keyboard that has been used for more than 150 years. And it would not hurt to own a keyboard compatible with mac os considering finding switches is hard for different PCs.

Our Final Say

Be it the steel series or the exquisite Alienware series, the gaming world has been taken by the RGB mechanical keyboard storm.

The latest series introduced was the razer, which a gamer favorite with the outemu blue, media keys, splash-proof, cherry MX, and much more.

So, if you too want something that keeps your gaming fun while staying on the budget, a gaming keyboard might just be a long-term investment you need!

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