Buyee DZ09 Smartwatch [review]

Last Updated on March 22, 2021 | Written by Daniel Peters

If you seek a smartwatch that merges impressive specs with mind-blowing designs, you will undoubtedly find it in the Buyee DZO9 watch.

The Buyee DZ09 smartwatch is an absolute delight to wear.

It comes with impressive features that make other similarly priced smartwatches green with envy. From its exquisite design that births various shades of gorgeous colors to the way, it syncs your phone functions seamlessly.

A powerhouse that does more than just telling the time, You can trust its impeccable intelligence to give you accurate readings on your health-related issues.

Furthermore, it keeps your schedule in order, syncs your phone features, provides you with round-the-clock entertainment, and enables you to make and receive calls.

Phone Functions

The first characteristic of the Buyee DZ09 is its integrated phone functions.

It performs exceptionally that you may not have reasons to resort to your phone to make or receive calls.

Whenever you have your phone connected to your smartwatch, you can tap into its impressive array of networks that boasts a GSM/GPRS 850/900/1800/1900 strength, hand free, call record, and phone book.

Furthermore, you can easily send SMS messages, enjoy entertainment functions with the mp3, mp4, a 1.3m camera feature, and blue tooth player.

Health Monitor

Smartwatch users resort to their watches as an accessory to monitor their health, and the Buyee is a leader in that respect.

It imbues an array of health monitoring applications that provide seamless tips and keeps tabs on health progress.

First of all, the fitness tracker constantly monitors your sleep, exercise regimen and gives you accurate reports.

Other health-related apps like the mood tracker are incorporated into the app to keep you in top shape physically and mentally. When you embark on a physically daunting exercise, you can always trust your smartwatch to bring you to terms with your health report.

HD Display

The Buyee DZ09 smartwatch makes you enjoy its features better with an impressive NOKKOO HD display screen. Apparently, for a watch with its vast array of abilities, developers took a step in the right direction by fitting it with the NOKKO screen reputed for its clear and simple UI.

This susceptible touch screen brings about an impressive response to your commands every time you use your watch.

You can always enjoy an unfettered view of your watch functions, have a clear picture of other integrated functions, and be sure that the screen is durable.

Sync Functions

Many smartwatches are capable of synchronizing functions, but the Buyer DZ09 does it effortlessly.

It reduces the excessive dependence on your phone to enjoy social applications like WhatsApp, Twitter, and Facebook. You not only use it, but you want its functions to the fullest. Furthermore, you can access an impressive schedule manager, reminders, and Sedentary remind.

There is an audio and video player that keeps you entertained even in the absence of your phone. The Buyee DZ09 is a good smartwatch when you look to bind other application functions together in one place.

Smart Watch GPS tracker

With your smartwatch, you can enjoy the GPS features when you are connected to your phone. This GPS tracker is built-in with unique features that keep an accurate reading of your position and send accurate reports to keep you aware of your location.

Furthermore, the map features give you a glimpse into parts about your immediate surroundings that you can always use to guide yourself through wherever you might find yourself.

The watch is handy when you embark on outdoor activities like hiking which requires you to be conscious of your surroundings and navigate them.


Phone: GSM/GPRS 850/900/1800/1900; Call, hand-free features, call record, and phone book.
Screen: OGS screen, 1.54 inch HD LCD screen, and 240× 240 pixel screen resolution.
Blue tooth version: 3. 0
Battery: 7 Days standby duration and two days constant use.
Camera: 1.3 Megapixels
G-sensors: Yes
Memory: 128M+64M. Max 32GB
Acceleration sensor: 3D acceleration, Step Guage, sleep monitor, sedentary remind, and Anti-lost features.


1. The Smartwatch has an impressive two-way anti-lost feature that provides security that makes locating your devices seamless.
2. It boasts an impressive array of smartwatch Gps tracker, equipped with necessary Geolocation features that keep you on the map everywhere you find yourself.
3. You can integrate third-party applications that keep you in-terms social media platforms like Facebook, WhatsApp, etc.


1. The limited battery does not provide sufficient juice, enough for you to run the impressive ray of features on the phone.


What do I derive from the phone features?
The Phone features on your smartwatch give you everything you can derive from your phone. First, it has the GSM/GPRS features and impressive handsfree that allows you to make and receive calls on your phone. Furthermore, you can send SMS messages.

How does it keep me entertained?
You can derive entertainment value on your smartwatch by providing you with an audio and video player and camera.


There is more to this smartwatch than merely telling you time. It functions as a proxy smartphone when you don’t find the need to have it at hand. You can easily monitor your health and well-being and keep yourself in tandem with happenings worldwide due to its impeccable integration of practical applications on its platform. What’s more impressive is the top-notch screen display that casts everything you glance at on your watch in exquisite light.

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