Amazingforless GT08 Smartwatch [review]

Last Updated on March 22, 2021 | Written by Daniel Peters

The T8 is a Bluetooth Smart Watch that eliminates the need to reach for your phone constantly.

You will be amazed at the wide variety of functions it can perform, lessening the unnecessary burden on your phone.

With its blue tooth-enabled features, you can easily make and receive calls.

Furthermore, the T8 Smart watch’s impressive remote synchronization with your phone ensures that you don’t miss any moment.

However, the most remarkable feature about the T8 is its exquisite design, an impressive mix of functionality, and beautiful aesthetics that make for a bold fashion statement.

Call Functions

Designed to Syn with your phone, the T8 possesses an impressive blue tooth powered function that enables you to make and receive calls without necessarily having your phone in hand.

It supports a sim card and boasts a strong gsm 850/900/1800/1900 four-band call. Notably, a foreign sim card can be used on a T8 smartwatch while providing a solid 4g/3 g network.

For what it’s worth, having a smartwatch that performs call functions lessens your work burdens significantly.


One of the most impressive features of the T8 is its Bluetooth function. It syncs easily with your phone, allowing you to do everything you can do on your phone.

First, with the blue tooth, you can connect to make and receive your calls.

Second, the T8 Bluetooth quickly takes over the phone by allowing it to assess the phone’s music, camera, contacts, and other essential features.

In instances where the phone goes missing, you can quickly locate it with The T8 Bluetooth functions. Other blue tooth enabled processes on your T8 smartwatch image viewer, sound recording, and music player.


Your T8 wristwatch is an invaluable companion when it comes to your health. Specifically designed to monitor your well-being, the T8 contributes massively to your well-being.

From the onset, you will be able to monitor vital health issues like a heartbeat, sleep rate, movement step record, and sedentary reminder.

Perhaps, you have set a physical fitness target for yourself; the T8 is the best smartwatch in the market that can help you monitor it.

What’s even more impressive about the smartwatch is that you can conveniently perform swimming and underwater activities, monitor your swim rate and goals without taking any damage to your T8 due to its impressive water-resistant body.

Intelligent positioning

With the T8 Bluetooth strapped to your wrists, one thing is sure, you can easily navigate your surroundings without the slightest iota of doubt.

The T8 packs an impressive Global positioning function that keeps you on the map, regardless of where you may find yourself.

Furthermore, if you are the type that roots for accuracy for distance and pace, the T8 Bluetooth gives you a detailed account of how far and fast you are going.

Not only that, the GPS feature comes in handy for sports folk who are into hiking, cycling, and distance swimming, as they can conveniently take a record of their surroundings.

Sleek Design

The T8 smartwatch is uniquely carved to maintain a wide range of functions and still looks flawless.

At first glance, you will notice the admirable blend of tasks in a beautiful interface. First, the Nanotechnology incorporated into the phone brings about a kind of integration rarely witnessed in smartwatches of comparable market prices.

To wow you a little more, the T8 has an impressive 1.56 LCD touch screen that boasts a 240×240 screen resolution.

While the T8 manages to pack these remarkable features, there is a Micro USB port on the side that makes for a seamless connection and a 2.0 HD Sony camera mold for flawless image capture.


Rom: 32MB+ 32MB
Sim card: One Sim standard Card
Network Frequency: GSM/850/900/1800/1900
Bluetooth support: 3.0/4.0
Bluetooth Range: 0-10 meters
Bluetooth Frequency: 2.4 GHz
Color variety: Black, White, and Blue
Length: 220cm
Image: JPG format
Strap width: 26mm
Screen: 1.54 inch, IPS screen.
Integrated functions: Phone call, SMS, Bluetooth camera, Alarm clock, sleep monitor, sleeping tracker, Facebook, Twitter, WhatsApp, QR code, Pedometer, Calendar, Album, settings, Music, Recording, inactive reminder.


The presence of a high-speed MTK626 1D chip makes for impressive perfect technology and improves smartwatch core speed to ensure that there is a seamless interaction between the T8 smartwatch and your mobile phone.

Strong and fast Bluetooth increases the connection between the T8 and your smartphone. This allows for solid sync of your phone notifications and call functions.


The Battery may pose insufficiency, as it lacks sufficient durability to keep up with its impressive array of functions.


What are the unique health features of the T8?
The T8 smartwatch is designed to attend to your health needs specifically. It integrated a mix of health monitors like a pedometer to monitor your steps, heartbeat monitor, sleep rate, and sedentary remind. The T8 is a doctor on your wrist. It also reminds you of your health goals and keeps you in tandem.

What are the Sim card details?
The T8 supports a one-card standard sim card that makes your call functions seamless.


On a parting note, the T8 is evidence of how innovative a smartwatch can be. Its sleek design makes it possible for you to make a bold fashion statement seamlessly.

Its ingenious design does not lack functions as the designs function in a seemingly weightless device strapped to your wrist. Suppose you find reaching for your phone an arduous task. In that case, the T8 can alleviate your burden with its impressive array of functions that make it easy for you to make calls, synchronize your phone functions, control the music player, and enjoy other integrated parts.

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