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Last Updated on March 22, 2021 | Written by Daniel Peters

Getting timely feedback while exercising increases the chances of keeping at it.

Besides, when you can visualize these data over a particular period, you can adjust your schedule adequately.

iTouch Sport Smartwatch offers both timekeeping and monitoring features. It makes you more accountable and committed to your fitness regimen.

When strapped to your wrist, it oozes elegance and class. Its sleek design makes you instantly noticeable.

Here’s the kicker

It is suitable for a broad range of sports including running, walking, skipping rope, and shooting hoops.

You can even keep track of your heartbeat, sleeping pattern, and exercise duration.

Health Parameters Monitoring

The major reason people abandon their fitness goals is poor feedback mechanisms. Working out to burn 20 pounds often looks so daunting to several people. However, iTouch Sport Smartwatch allows you to measure essential numbers that define your growth.

With this device, you can:
● Know how many steps you walk daily.
● Count the number of calories you are burning.
● Determine your sleep duration accurately.
● Highlight your pulse and heartbeat rate.

Waterproof Capabilities

This fascinating timepiece uses advanced manufacturing materials to deliver higher degrees of strength.

Its water and scratch resistance is impressive.

For this case, the producers used pure metal with high anti-corrosive properties.

That way, it can prevent moisture from entering its internal components. The strap uses a mixture of metal and silicone for increased stability and toughness.

Furthermore, this iTouch sport smartwatch contains multiple sensors for a higher user experience.

For instance, its calorie tracker captures your weight. You can compare different readings to determine how many calories you have lost.

Compatibility with Mobile Devices

You can use the iTouch sport smartwatch with Android and iOS devices. Some of the popular phone brands include Samsung, Huawei, Oppo, and iPhones.

Visit the Play Store or App Store to download the iTouch wearable mobile app for Android and Apple phones respectively.

After downloading, you need to integrate your timepiece and smartphone.

Here is how:
● Turn on the Bluetooth feature of the iTouch sport smartwatch.
● Do the same for your mobile phone.
● From the list of devices, select your watch for ‘pairing.’
● Once paired, you are ready to go.

Sleek Appearance and Features

Whether you love corporate dressing or just casuals, the iTouch sport smartwatch is an excellent accessory.

It complements your appearance with its simple design. Besides, it looks good on blazers, jeans, or mufti.

The case and strap have multiple color variants to suit your preferences.

When connected, you can take pictures using the watch as a remote.

Simply shake your wrist to take stunning images. It also synchronizes seamlessly with your phone’s GPS.

Consequently, you can track your pace, direction, and distance covered. This feature also mitigates device loss.

Durable Timekeeping Piece

The iTouch sport smartwatch is a symbol of elegance and quality. It incorporates several innovative technologies for enhanced functionality. The glass display has zero-tolerance for scratch, water, and debris. Also, the LED screen is large and bright enough for easy reading.

It has an interactive touchscreen. Moreover, it uses a lithium-ion battery that can last for a month.

Furthermore, it has a timer and stopwatch for monitoring purposes. If you are sitting for too long, it has a sedentary reminder. Thus, you can return to exercising immediately.


● Operating system – iOS version 8.0, Android version 7.0, Bluetooth 4.0.
● Mode of connection – wireless.
● Communication system – Bluetooth.
● Navigation tools – buttons.
● Device weight – 7.7 ounces.
● Device dimensions – 9.75 x 1.5 x 0.25 inches.
● Other highlights – weather reports, music remote, and camera control.
● Sensors – calorie tracker, pedometer, heartbeat tracker, and sleep monitor.


● You can select a suitable theme from its array of watch faces.
● It integrates easily with applications such as ‘Health App’ on iPhone.
● The band coloration is amazing and offers quick replacement when it wears out.
● Its Bluetooth features allow you to listen to your favorite playlist, pick calls, and snap pictures.
● It has an extended battery duration.


● The screen may deteriorate quickly due to frequent use.
● You need to charge for some minutes before you start using it.


What phone functionalities can you perform using the iTouch sport smartwatch?
It allows you to make and receive phone calls. You can read SMS from your mobile device. However, you cannot reply to an SMS from the watch.

What information can the iTouch sport smartwatch highlight on its screen?
It displays time, date, heartbeat, and calories. However, it cannot show all information at the same time. In an instant, it can only display the first three.


If you are looking for a stylish wearable that performs timekeeping and fitness functions, the iTouch sport smartwatch is your ideal choice.

It keeps you connected to friends and family via Bluetooth connectivity. Male and female wearers will find it perfect for both casual and corporate outings.

I’m sure you’re sold but, it comes with a USB charger to boost the lithium-ion battery whenever it gets drained.

When fully charged, it may last up to 30 days of its basic usage. It offers an interactive interface for viewing and control purposes.

To end with a positive, you can monitor about eight exercises including jumping rope, shooting hoops, and speed-walking. A real winner in our eyes, so go check out the reviews on one of our favorite smartwatches.

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