Padcod V8 Smartwatch [review]

Last Updated on March 22, 2021 | Written by Daniel Peters

Padcod V8 is a smartwatch for anyone who wants to spend less on a smartwatch but gets lots of value for money.

It costs less than $20 to get the Padcod V8 smartwatch but there’s more to the product than just telling time.

From the unique design to its robust features, users have enough options to explore on the Padcod V8 smartwatch.

We give a detailed review of the Padcod V8 smartwatch in this post.

2G SIM Support

Some smartwatches of a similar or higher category can only receive calls when connected to a smartphone.

However, Padcod V8 goes a step further to allow users to insert their 2G sim card so they can dial-up numbers from stored contacts. Padcod V8 dial feature only works with only sim cards which are registered on the 2G network such as T-Mobile, Simple Mobile, Straight Talk, etc.

The smartwatch has a Micro-SIM card slot.

This means users can use the smartwatch to dial and receive calls without connecting to a smartphone.

Android & iOS Support

Use the Padcod V8 like a mini smartphone that runs on Android 4.0 and above.

It also supports iOS 8 and above. The full features of the Padcod V8 smartwatch can be enjoyed when it is connected to an Android smartphone.

However, when connected to an iPhone a few features may not work.

The features that work on iPhone include Calculator, Calendar, Call Sync, Music Player Control, Clock, Pedometer, and many more. As such, you can use the Padcod V8 for any Android phone from version 4.0 and above, or the iPhone series from iOS 8.0 and higher.

Built-in Health Features

Most smartwatch brands incorporate some health features on their products to improve users’ experience.

The Padcod V8 comes with a Pedometer that measures the number of steps taken in a day.

It also comes with a sleep monitor which helps users to understand their sleep patterns and how to improve sleep.

Users can also guard against passive lifestyles by using the sedentary reminder. In case you love active sports like running, jogging and tennis, you can record and store some sports data on the smartwatch.

Handsfree Access to Smartphones

When you connect the Padcod V8 to your Android or iPhone, you will be able to sync calls to the smartwatch.

Besides receiving calls, you can also read texts from your instant messaging apps like Whatsapp, Facebook, Twitter, etc. You should get an instant notification for every text or calls received.

If you insert a Micro-SD card in the smartphone, you will be able to save photos taken with the smartwatch camera.

The Micro-SD card slot can be accessed when you open the back cover of the smartwatch.

Durable Design

The Padcod V8 comes in a durable aluminum case.

Its screen is laminated to prevent easy scratches which may make it hard for users to read the screen. Although the screen is not waterproof, the casing is built to avoid the inflow of water from sweat.

The memory card slot can be easily accessed after opening the back cover. The straps can be easily replaced when the need arises.

Its 230 mAh Lithium-polymer battery charges fast and can last days even when in constant use.


Dimensions: 9.45 x 2.09 x 1.76 inches
Weight: 2.20 ounces
Operating System: Android 4.0+/ iOS 8.0+
Screen size: 1.22 inch
Water-resistant: No
LCD: OGS Capacitative touch screen
Connectivity: Bluetooth 3.0
Battery: 280 mAh
Smartphones Compatible: iPhone, Samsung, Android
SIM Card Type: Micro Sim

It can serve as a mini smartphone when a 2G SIM is inserted
It monitors sleep, steps, and sports data conveniently
It supports both Android and iOS smartphones
Users can opt between three different screen modes.

Its Micro-SIM card slot does not support 3G only Sims like Verizon
It is not waterproof
Its pedometer reading is not accurate.


Do I need to insert a 2G SIM before it works?
No, you can connect the smartwatch via Bluetooth to your smartphone.

Does Padcod V8 come with its battery?
Yes, it comes with an in-built battery that only needs charging.

Can I reply to text messages on the smartwatch?
Yes, after typing your reply, tap “Options” on the screen and choose Send.

How long can the smartwatch battery last?
About 2 days after a full charge and constant use.


The Padcod V8 smartwatch is not a sports watch in the real sense of the word.

However, it is cool enough for basic smartwatch needs plus lots of other features.

Having an on-screen camera to take photos also adds fun to the smartwatch features. The 2G sim card support ensures users don’t have to take their phones with them during exercises.

Its mic and speakers are very clear so users won’t sound weird when taking or making calls. V8 also supports TF memory cards of up to 32GB of space.

This is enough to save music and photos which can later sync with users’ smartphones.

For a smartwatch below $20, Padcod V8 offers the best users can hope for at that level.

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