Padgene DZ09 Bluetooth Smartwatch [review]

Last Updated on March 22, 2021 | Written by Daniel Peters

If you are out for a stylish and affordable smartwatch currently on the market, the DZ09 Bluetooth smartwatch suits your every need more times than it can count.

It’s got some smartwatch basics and extra features that make it a compelling product.

The smartwatch has a slightly more realistic look, with its square display and boxy casing; nonetheless, it packs novelties such as a camera and an OLED.

These features improve its value proposition, given its price bracket. Overall, the DZ09 highlights the excellent combination of style and function, which you might want to consider if you want a smartwatch that works and looks the part.

Build & Design

The external build of the DZ09 is durable, keeping up with what’s obtainable in the current smartwatch market. You might and appreciate a certain level of sleekness to the design and overall cohesion.
The manufacturer uses a stainless steel frame and Nano-TPU material for the straps. The screen comes from a single layer of glass and acrylic, which uses the precision laminating process. You then get a smartwatch that sits comfortably on the wrist and less susceptible to sudden shocks, wear, and tear.


The display on the Padgene DZ09 Bluetooth smartwatch is perhaps its highlight feature. The product packs more tech than you’d expect from alternatives within the price range.

It means that navigation through the smartwatch would be more pleasurable.
The screen spans 1.54 inches and uses the TFT LCD technology; its resolution count is 240 x 240 pixels.

For easier use, the glass atop the screen is 2.5D curved as well. Also, the screen is touch-responsive, using the capacitive type tech. Overall, The smartwatch renders colors reasonably well, and the UX is straightforward.

Bluetooth Mode

The DZ09 has two work modes which you can select depending on your preference.

The first is Bluetooth mode, which allows you to connect the smartwatch directly to a smartphone through Bluetooth.

You would need to install an app on the smartphone to complete the pairing.

The manufacturer specifies that you download either the “BTNotification,” “FunRun,” or “Fundo” apps to pair the smartwatch with a mobile phone.

When the pairing is complete, you can receive your phone’s notifications directly to the smartwatch; it supports text messages and third-party Instant Messaging apps such as WhatsApp

GSM Mode

The DZ09 Bluetooth smartwatch supports 2G/2.5G SIM cards, and it can allow you to access your local network provider without the aid of a mobile phone. The smartwatch has a SIM slot where you can insert your network SIM.

Once it detects the network, you can make calls and receive them, send and receive texts directly.

The features give you the added convenience of portability, as you don’t need to carry your phone around to use the smartwatch. Also, you can make the smartwatch a temporary second phone in case of an emergency.

Activity Tracking & Extras

The smartwatch also has some form of activity tracking, thanks to its pedometer. It can monitor your steps and remind you if you have stayed sedentary for too long.

Furthermore, it can track your sleep quality and cycles.

DZ09 Bluetooth smartwatch comes with a 0.3MP camera, which supports remote capture.

Other features include a calendar, a two-way anti-lost function, a sound recorder, and an image viewer.

However, the functions’ availability relies on the OS platform with which you’d be pairing the device; for example, iOS doesn’t support the remote camera feature, but Android does.


● Watch Material: Glass and Acrylic (on the face)
● Watch Size: 43.5 x 40 x 9.8mm
● Screen Size: 1.54 inches
● Display: TFT LCD 2.5D High Sensitive Capacitive Touch Screen
● Resolution: 240 * 240 pixels
● Bluetooth: V3.0
● GSM: 2G: 850/900/1800/1904 MHz
● Compatibility: Android, iOS
● Additional Features: 0.3MP camera, camera remote control
● The smartwatch holds on to Bluetooth connectivity more strongly
● Its network antennas latch on cell reception excellently for clear phone calls
● The microphone readily picks up low sound, making the sound recorder work quickly
● Its casing and straps can withstand falls and snags
● The DZ09 can serve as a standalone media player
● The speakers on the smartwatch are tinny and a bit quiet
● You cannot save contacts on the watch without first installing an SD card
● The 0.3MP camera doesn’t take usable pictures, and the angle is poor


Does the DZ09 Bluetooth Smartwatch Work with my phone?
Yes. The DZ09 Bluetooth Smartwatch works with most smartphones, so far as they support Bluetooth connectivity.

Why Does the Smartwatch Keep Disconnecting?
It might be due to a connection error. To remedy the situation, you’d need to remove and reinsert the battery; leave at least 2 minutes before reinsertion. You can then reboot the device. This method would typically clear the error.


The DZ09 Bluetooth Smartwatch is an affordable smartwatch that manages to keep some of the aesthetics you’d expect from more premium brands.

The build quality isn’t too shabby, and you can expect long-term use. The 1.5-inch color LCD on the front is big enough for day-to-day use, and it’s touch-responsive for more convenience.

You’d appreciate other features such as a camera, SIM support, and so on. However, the DZ09 Bluetooth Smartwatch only offers a bit of what the modern smartwatch should have, and there are much better options on the market (for more money, though).

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