SkyGrand Smart Watch [review]

Last Updated on March 22, 2021 | Written by Daniel Peters

Smartwatches are evolving to include more sophisticated functions other than time checking and setting reminders and the Skygrand highlights this in every way possible.

Health-related features such as heartbeat checker, BMI measure, and lots of others are now common in most smartwatches.

When smartwatches are connected to smartphones via Bluetooth, lots of other features can be activated. These may include receiving calls and reading messages on the smartwatch.

The birth of more advanced features in smartwatch technology is changing the old-time preference for a simple timepiece to those having smart designs and more advanced features.

The SkyGrand smartwatch is one of the best smartwatches worthy of our reviews.

All-Day Activity Tracking

As we aim to be more productive and less stressed in a busy world, the need to keep track of daily activities cannot be trivialized.

SkyGrand makes it a lot easier to keep track of daily activities from an exercise routine, sports tracking, and sleep statistics.

With SkyGrand’s slimmer design, users can have the smartwatch on when sleeping without experiencing discomfort.

Rather, the sleep monitor tracks and reports how well the user slept.

Users can use SkyGrand as a mini-organizer to set and track daily activities. It is easier to get control over one’s schedule and health with SkyGrand.

Water and Dust-proof Casing

Since users are likely to have their smartwatches on their wrists in both dusty and wet conditions, the SkyGrand casing is made of water-resistant material which does not allow dust penetration.

Protecting the smartwatch from water and dust automatically guarantees better durability and less worry for users during the use of the smartwatch.

The LED touch screen is also scratch-resistant. Users can have the smartwatch on them when washing hands or swimming without the fear of damage by water.

Longer Battery Life

The new SkyGrand smartwatch comes with a strong 210mAh lithium-ion battery. It only takes about 2 hours for the watch to be fully charged.

At full charge, SkyGrand can last 7 days of continuous useand a standby time of about 30 days.

With a better battery life than many other smartwatches, users can spend week-long holidays in off-grid locations without fear of the smartwatch running out of battery.

The fast-charging feature also saves time that could be spent waiting for the watch to attain full charge.

Smart Connectivity

Smart connectivity allows smartwatches to unlock more advanced features including location tracking and mobile phone functions.

By connecting the smartwatch with the smartphone, users don’t need to carry extra weight during exercises.

Simply connect SkyGrand to your smartphone to receive calls and messages from Whatsapp, Twitter, and other social media apps on your smartwatch.

The smartwatch will vibrate to notify you of incoming calls or messages.

You can also connect SkyGrand’s GPS to map out or track jogging/cycling routes.

Multi-Sport Mode

There are about 14 different sports modes on the latest model of the SkyGrand smartwatch. Regardless of which sports users love, there is something for everyone.

With its simple user interface, users can connect the smartwatch to a smartphone GPS and choose from any of the 14 sport modes.

This includes running, cycling, treadmill, tennis, rope skipping, and others. Users can also check vital statistics such as the number of steps taken during exercise or the number of calories burnt.


Dimensions: 4.3 x 3 x 2.3 inches
Weight: 1.28 ounces
Processor: Nordic 52840
Screen size: 1.3 inch
Water-resistant: Yes
LCD: TFT touch screen
Connectivity: GPS, wireless
Battery: 210 mAh
Smartphones Compatible: iPhone, Samsung, Android
Health check: Heart rate, sleep monitor, menstrual reminder, sedentary alert, and sports tracking.


Better battery life for longer use without charge
The water-resistant screen which keeps out dust during sports and other activities
Easy access to messages and phone calls when on the go
Multiple health checks features to keep personal productivity high
Light-weight and ergonomic design for comfort and style.


Some uses complain that the step counting feature is inaccurate
The app on which the smartwatch runs may become outdated and make some features unavailable.
The charger may easily lose contact with the charging port.


What is the latest model of the SkyGrand smartwatch?
The latest model is the 2019 ID205L.

Can I reply to messages on SkyGrand smartwatch?
No, users can only read the messages and dismiss them.

Where can I buy the charging cable for the SkyGrand smartwatch?
Users can buy the SkyGrand charging cable on Amazon or physical stores. You can also get the SkyGrand smartwatch accessories separately on Amazon.

Does the smartwatch come with a case?
No, users get just the smartwatch, wristband, and charger.


The SkyGrand smartwatch is one of the best smartwatch sport and productivity enthusiasts should consider.

Apart from being built to be able to withstand lots of external pressure, it also comes with much more features than many other brands of the same category.

Its accessories are available and can be ordered from Amazon in case there is a need for replacement. SkyGrand smartwatch works perfectly with iPhone and Samsung smartphones.

Be sure to get the latest edition of the SkyGrand to enjoy the recently updated features.

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