Supersonic SC-81SW Bluetooth Smart Watch [review]

Last Updated on March 22, 2021 | Written by Daniel Peters

The Supersonic SC-81SW Bluetooth Smartwatch offers some of the “creature comforts” you’d find on the more expensive smartwatches on the market.

The product has full-fat call connectivity features, which makes it ideal as a companion for everyday use.

The rest of the Supersonic SC-81SW smartwatch reverberates modern style; you’d appreciate the touchscreen display and the big screen for viewing more extensive content elements.

The manufacturer managed to fit in enough battery to last a considerable time.

Pairing the device with your smartphone is much easier with Bluetooth 3.0 technology.

Overall, this is a smartwatch that offers significant value at an affordable price.

Build Quality.

The Supersonic SC-81SW Bluetooth Smartwatch looks modern and feels a bit like it as well.

Thanks to its boxy design and strap layout, the smartwatch feels familiar when comparing it with pricier smartwatches.

It has a black front covered with acrylic, while the sides have silver plastic material.


The straps are of rubber and have a sturdy clasp mechanism which offers durability and fashion as well. There is a button on the side, making the Supersonic SC-81SW Bluetooth Smartwatch feel more functional than it has the right to be.


The smartwatch can connect with other devices securely, making it a suitable companion should you need it.

It uses the Bluetooth 3.0 technology faster than the previous 2.0 and promising more connection range.

Also, it employs EDR (Endpoint Detection and Response) to ensure a more secure connection with a smartphone and other BT-enabled devices

Not only that.

You can make and receive phone calls over Bluetooth, and if you have an Android device, the Supersonic SC-81SW Bluetooth Smartwatch can read out your SMS texts as well.

Big Battery

Supersonic SC-81SW Bluetooth Smartwatch comes with a beefy 380 mAh battery, which promises to last a while between charges.

The battery cell is of polymer, which is the less common battery tech on the market – other devices use Lithium-ion instead.

The smartwatch itself has components that sip power, making it more efficient on battery use.

You should expect a few days between charges, which would be fair as other offerings would require that you charge every day.

The charging action is very straightforward, as the watch uses USB technology.

It means that your existing USB cables would work just fine, and you won’t have to bother about proprietary charging pucks.


The display on the Supersonic SC-81SW Bluetooth Smartwatch is LCD spanning 1.54 inches. Naturally, you get an excellent viewing area and enough space for actionable icons and elements on the screen. Since the screen is the most significant component of a smartwatch, you’d appreciate the sharpness and clarity in day-to-day use.

What’s more?

The display is a touchscreen, which takes the user experience to another level. Arguably, the touchscreen input feels more modern than button presses on smartwatches, and the Supersonic SC-81SW Bluetooth Smartwatch has a decent representation. The responsiveness is proper as well.

Extra Features

The Supersonic SC-81SW Bluetooth Smartwatch has added features that might be useful for a broad range of scenarios. There is a built-in microphone that allows you to use the screen record feature.

You can find a speaker and a camera on the device as well.

Another defining feature of the Supersonic SC-81SW Bluetooth Smartwatch is the microSD card slot, which allows you to expand onboard storage by as much as 64GB.

It is handy if you would be looking to save some multimedia files for use on the smartwatch. Overall, the extra features are there to make the smartwatch experience better if you plan to use it standalone.


Watch Weight: 0.2 kg
Visible Screen (Diagonal): 2 inches
Watch Screen Size: 1.54 inches
Battery Capacity: 380 mAh
Supported Application: Sleep Monitor, Phone, Alarm, Camera, Alarm
Wireless Communication Standard: Bluetooth
Human Interface Input: Microphone, Touchscreen
Battery Cell Composition: Polymer
Connectivity Technology: Bluetooth, USB


● The EDR function ensures lossless secure Bluetooth connection
● The Supersonic SC-81SW Bluetooth Smartwatch supports Bluetooth


Can I Swap Out The Band on the Watch?
No. the rubber straps on the Supersonic SC-81SW Bluetooth Smartwatch are not swappable

What App Can I Download to Work with This Watch?
The smartwatch can work with most apps on Android and iOS

Is the Supersonic SC-81SW Bluetooth Smartwatch waterproof?
No. There is no water resistance rating for the Supersonic SC-81SW Bluetooth Smartwatch


The Supersonic SC-81SW Bluetooth Smartwatch would suit entry-level smartwatch scenarios, with added features such as a camera, speaker, and a microSD card slot. For the price, it does more than you’d expect and feels more than a “toy-ish” smartwatch.

The design aesthetic is modern, so you tend to feel like you’re wearing something a lot more expensive.

However, try to understand how each of the features fits your use case, especially if you would be using the smartwatch as a standalone device.

The screen is big enough to show content and elements, while the microphone and the speaker allow you to take voice notes of yourself.

You might find a use for the camera, and the memory expansion option means you can view images and audios.

Overall, the Supersonic SC-81SW Bluetooth Smartwatch is an affordable first-time smartwatch for you.

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