Timex Kids Smartwatch [review]

Last Updated on March 22, 2021 | Written by Daniel Peters

The iConnect Timex Kids smartwatch suits the younger demographics appropriately, exuding playfulness without skimping on useful features that offer value.

The build quality is durable, which is crucial, given the range of use cases the smartwatch intends to match.

It comes with a water resistance rating and sturdy silicone straps.

The unit highlights entertainment and the built-in game to help the kids while away the time. Furthermore, you can change the watch faces to become as playful as you desire. The device is an excellent device for kids to develop healthy habits.

Color LCD Display

One of the main highlights of the Timex Kids smartwatch is its color LCD.

It can display a wide variety of watch faces, and you can quickly change between them. The display would typically show the date, time, and some activity data.

You would also have the icon that indicates that the smartwatch is in pair mode with a smartphone.

You can also access the LCD from a mobile device using the Timex 2 app, which is compatible with Android and iOS devices.

Activity Tracking

The Timex Kids smartwatch can track physical activities in real-time. It is handy for if you want the kids to pick an exercise routine.

The device can set daily activity goals and guide the kids to reach those goals. The ongoing activity would appear on display in real-time as well.

Also, you could get notified on your paired smartphone as your kid completes each activity on the watch.

The sports mode helps you start a workout, and you get to choose from several sporting activities presets such as exercise and fitness.

Health Tracking

In addition to activity tracking, the Timex smartwatch can track the child’s health and wellbeing wearing the device.

It has a built-in optical heart rate monitor, which works decently, though not as accurate as some medical-grade heart rate monitors.

Furthermore, it can track sleep, and calorie amounts to help get an idea of your child’s sleeping and eating habits.

It tracks variables such as deep and daily cycles and would display the data on the main screen; you could sync the data to your phone through the app.

Long Battery Life

The smartwatch boasts a battery life that lasts up to 5 days. The longevity enables the watch to act as a child’s companion throughout the day; it also allows for sleep tracking.

The paramount convenience you get from extended battery life is that you don’t have to worry about charging the device often.

It is also a plus for the kids, as a 5-day battery life makes the Timex kids smartwatch fit for their daily routines without bugging them with a low battery warning.

Wet Performance

The Timex smartwatch has features that enable it to survive splashes and water dives.

It means a child can take it for swimming lessons or out in the rain, making the device handier than most regular smartwatches without any water protection.

The smartwatch has the IP68 water resistance rating and can survive a direct dunk into the water up to one-and-half meters for up to 30 minutes.

It can achieve the feat due to the comprehensive sealing around the casing and the multiple rigorous tests the manufacturer must have carried out to ensure the quality.


● Display Type: Digital LCD
● Clasp: Buckle-type
● Watch Case Material: Resin Case
● Watch Case Thickness: 11mm
● Watch Case Diameter: 37mm
● Watch Band Length: Children’s Length
● Watch Band Color: Camo
● Bezel Material: Resin
● Weight: 31 grams
● Watch Dial Color: Black
● Watch Movement: Connected
● Calendar Features: D: DD/MM/YYYY
● Watch Dial Window Material Type: Mineral


● The smartwatch has the intended playful aesthetics
● Its rounded edges don’t jab into the wrist in comparison with alternatives
● The watch face art is customizable, with characters like snoopy
● The iConnect Timex kids smartwatch has a built-in basketball game for entertainment
● Its optical heart rate monitor meets the minimum wearable health requirements
● The watch’s companion app supports Android OS from 5.0 and iOS from iOS 9


● The strap is prone to quickly coming off of the device
● Its software is not very intuitive for the younger children


Does the Watch support Cellular Connectivity?
No. the iConnect Timex smartwatch does not support a SIM or cellular connectivity but doesn’t affect its operations

Can I pair the smartwatch with a Tablet device?
Yes. The smartwatch support device pairing on any tablet (Android or iOS) can install the Timex 2 app.

Does the smartwatch have a timer built-in?
Yes. the smartwatch has a stopwatch timer pre-installed


You might be out for a value smartwatch product that suits early teenagers or younger children. The iConnect Timex Kids smartwatch has the right amount of health and fitness features to track the kids’ wellbeing.
The device does not overwhelm the wearer, especially when you don’t want to expose them to the vagaries of mobile technology just yet. Also, the smartwatch manages to keep the playful and entertaining profile, thanks to the built-in game and the colorful design. You can operate the smartwatch from a smartphone and monitor data from activities such as heart rate, running or swimming in real-time.

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