Privacy Policy

When it was decided to bring the website of Techriation into action the first step put into practicality was to formulate an official writing that in detail outlines, describes and informs about the rules, legal terms and policies that will be adopted by Techriation to safeguard, preserve and protect the personal or private or any kind of personally identifying information that is collected from the user of Techriation under any events or circumstances.

Keeping in view that every kind of personally identifying date of the user is highly sensitive and must always be kept confidential from unauthorized access, use or theft; it is important that the official team of Techriation must put in front of all visitors and users a strict blueprint of all privacy policies that will be employed in all circumstances to preserve, protect and safeguard all kinds of personally identifying details of all users who avail the services and help of the official Techriation website.

The following privacy policies that will strictly be used Techriation describes and informs in full detail all the rules, legal terms and policies that are taken into account and implemented to safeguard all the information of the visitor that is personally identifying or can potentially be personally identifying which is gathered from the visitor himself after he/she has signed his/her digital consent. We recommend each and every user to thoroughly and carefully go through every terms and policy in the given below document and then avail all services of Techriation:

There will be specific events and conditions under which Techriation will ask the visitor and user to enter and share their personally identifying or potentially personally identifying data however before this step is taken by Techriation the user or visitor in concern will be given full details about all purposes, intents and reasons for which a certain set of information is being asked for.

Techriation official team will only require the user or visitor of Techriation to enter and share their personal data if there is a logical, viable and reliable reason for it to do so and solely to cater to and serve the identified purposes and intents which were informed about to the user when the time the specific data was being asked for or it can also be used to fulfill any other potentially justified reason that can be legally fulfilled however even under these circumstances team of Techriation will get the permission of the user or otherwise do as stated in the laws which deem fit in such a case.

Techriation team will ask for a certain set of personally identifying data from some or all of their users and visitors for a specific time period which would be a time period that legally serves all the reasons and intents which were informed to the users or visitors at the time of data collection.

The team of Techriation will require the user to enter and share a certain set of personally identifying details only when the official team of Techriation will have a legal and just source and reason (s) for this data and these personally identifying details will only be used by Techriation if the consent of user has been granted in digital form.

Techriation will ask for a particular personal data from some or all of its users or visitors that is relevant and caters to the purposes that were in detail shown and informed to the user at the time of data collection and will keep to the extent that is serves those identified reasons and intentions but even in this case it is expected from the user that they will only share their personal credentials which are correct, recent and viable.

The Techriation fully takes the responsibility to protect, preserve and safeguard all the sensitive and confidential information of all their users and visitors against stealing, unauthorized use and misuse.

The Techriation main team will tell and display at all points in time this document stating all terms and regulations of this official document of Privacy policy and will be applied at all times and under all circumstances to protect this sensitive personal details of the user.

Techriation uses many third party ad companies to run its softwares, applications and web pages. But each user must take into account that these ad companies that are third party use things like cookies and beacons for web that allows these companies to know about the user’s type of web browser, Internet Service Provider that the user or visitor has made use of to use the services of Techriation .

The entire official team of the Techriation has dedicated every bit of their resource to conduct their online business by staying in compliance and accordance with this Privacy policy to protect their personally identifying data.